I have been working with my client Verča for 2 months and she is clearly one of my most active clients.

Not only do we exercise together twice a week, but she also jumps, runs or uses step aerobics classes a few times a week.

Verca loses weight and at the same time eats to one's heart's content.

She dropped 8 kg in just 2 months and has an amazing 15 cm less around her waist.

I'm proud of you Veri Just keep going… We still have a long way to go :)


Geanina - 15cm


The incredible shift of my client Geanina, who now has 15 cm less at the waist in 4 months All this thanks to regular eating based on real food.

As she says herself, she finally feels good in her body, she is much more satisfied and happier.

She started exercising regularly, walks more and enjoys her free time in the fresh air.

At the moment, without my direct supervision, she continues with the set regime with an emphasis on toning and would like to make her abdominal muscles visible. It's a long run, for few weeks / months, but with her enthusiasm andscrupulousnesshe can do it.


Klára -40kg


The transformation of my amazing client Klára, who lost 40 kg in 9 months.

The woman, who weighed an incredible 131.5 kg, who was often tired, suffered from joint pains, had a constant appetite for sweets became a confident, smile-giving woman who completely changed her lifestyle and priorities.
What specifically changed for Klárka:
no longer suffers from back and joint pain
she plays with her son actively and movement is no longer a problem for her
she has plenty of energy
her cravings for sweet and evening overeating disappeared
She can hold onto a gymnastic crossbar and holds abdominal plank for over 2 minutes without a problem.
started walking more, practices yoga & Pilates at home and we train together intensively twice a week
I am proud of you, Klárka, for what you have accomplished!
In any case, we are not done yet, let's carry on


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I am not telling you it will be easy.

I'm telling you, it's going to be worth it."

 Art Williams




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