Klára -40kg


The transformation of my amazing client Klára, who lost 40 kg in 9 months.

The woman, who weighed an incredible 131.5 kg, who was often tired, suffered from joint pains, had a constant appetite for sweets became a confident, smile-giving woman who completely changed her lifestyle and priorities.
What specifically changed for Klárka:
no longer suffers from back and joint pain
she plays with her son actively and movement is no longer a problem for her
she has plenty of energy
her cravings for sweet and evening overeating disappeared
She can hold onto a gymnastic crossbar and holds abdominal plank for over 2 minutes without a problem.
started walking more, practices yoga & Pilates at home and we train together intensively twice a week
I am proud of you, Klárka, for what you have accomplished!
In any case, we are not done yet, let's carry on


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I am not telling you it will be easy.

I'm telling you, it's going to be worth it."

 Art Williams




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